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Clippers are coming -- get ready for the season, Clips Nation

Media Day marks the unofficial start of the news season in the NBA. And the real stuff isn't far behind.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Clippers will hold their Media Day tomorrow, September 29. It's not the official start of the NBA season, but it is the start of the unofficial news season. Not that much real news ever comes out of Media Day, but there will be plenty to talk about -- did Big Baby Davis work out over the summer, how does DeAndre Jordan look, how will Spencer Hawes fit into the rotation, does Joe Ingles carry a big knife like Crocodile Dundee, what do those Chris Douglas-Roberts short-shorts really look like?

And after Media Day, things just escalate from there. Here are the key dates going forward:

  • September 30-October 4 -- Clippers training camp in Las Vegas
  • October 7 -- First pre-season game, STAPLES Center against the Warriors
  • October 18 -- Pre-season game in Las Vegas against the Nuggets
  • October 28 -- Start of the NBA regular season
  • October 30 -- FIRST CLIPPERS GAME OF THE SEASON, against the Thunder in STAPLES Center

We have one month until the start of the season -- and a crescendo of activity leading up to it. Are you ready, Clips Nation?