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Clippers headed to Vegas for Training Camp

For the second season in a row, Doc Rivers will take his team out of town for training camp. Last season it was San Diego -- this season? Vegas, baby!

Stephen Dunn

Doc Rivers likes to take his teams away for training camp. When the Los Angeles Clippers opened their state of the art training facility in 2009 they began holding their camps there, because it was convenient and luxurious and because they had it. But since Doc's arrival, camps have been moved out of town. Last season it was in San Diego -- and this season? Vegas baby!

A quick clarification. Training camp is the first week that NBA teams start practicing -- I guess officially it comes before pre-season. For the Clippers, it runs from Media Day on Monday September 29 until Saturday October 4. After that, they'll be back in Playa Vista for the rest of pre-season.

Doc likes these get aways as a bonding experience for the team. This year will be very different, as he will be taking a core of eight or nine guys who were with him last season rather than getting to know an entire team. That also means that he won't be starting from scratch. Training camp, and all of pre-season for that matter, should be a much more productive time for the Clippers this season, as most of the players (including all five starters) already know the drill (literally).

The only question is: between two-a-day practices in the day, and Vegas at night, will the Clippers actually survive training camp in Las Vegas? We'll see.

Oh, and then there's this. Four Three weeks until training camp everybody! Whoo hoo!