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Report: Farmar to be Bought out

According to Marc Spears, David Aldridge, and Arash Marzazi, the Clippers and guard Jordan Farmar are working on a contract buyout that should be completed tonight.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In a rather surprising turn, it was rumored today across basketball twitter that backup point guard Jordan Farmar would be waived by the end of the day if the team could not trade him.

Just six months ago, the Clippers signed Farmar to a two-year deal worth roughly $4.2 million, and now, after 36 disappointing games, the two parties are apparently already ready to part ways.  The Clippers today agreed to a confusing trade that sent young Reggie Bullock to the Suns and landed the team Austin Rivers from the Celtics.

The mid-season roster turnover will continue once Farmar is officially released, and the team certainly isn't done making moves in the coming days.  Rumors have flown around involving Nate Robinson, Tayshaun Prince, and the potential availability of Arron Afflalo and Wilson Chandler.  Maybe the team feels that with the addition of Rivers (and likely Robinson), Jamal Crawford or Matt Barnes becomes more expendable in a trade.  Maybe the team is looking to add Prince or another buyout candidate to bolster the backup SF slot.

It's quite a bit of turmoil for the middle of January, but given the particularly unpredictable nature of the league (and specifically the West), the Clippers aren't the only team scrambling to add pieces and gain an edge.

Fortunately, a buyout of Farmar could save the Clippers some money.  We'll have to wait and hear what the terms are, but it could be that today's trade, along with this buyout, are setting the team up for the roster and financial implications of a bigger move.