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The Daily Clipper — "Jinxed" Edition

There was no Clipper basketball yesterday, but today we look forward to the Clippers taking on the Brooklyn Nets at Staples. Check out the latest Daily Clipper for more news stories from around the web.

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Do you believe that when a person says something is going right, it'll inevitably go terribly wrong? Well, in today's Daily Clipper you might want to knock on wood for a few of these articles.

Lakers Top 2015 List Of NBA's Most Valuable Teams; Average Franchise Is Now Worth Record $1.1 Billion — Forbes
New TV deals (both local and national), a booming stock market and cheap credit fueled a record 74% one-year gain for NBA franchise values. The Clippers come in at #5 ($1.6 billion), trailing the Lakers, Knicks, Bulls, and Celtics.

Clippers week in review: Austin Rivers makes history — LA Times
Over the last week, the Clippers had a big win over the Trail Blazers in Portland. They lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers at home. They beat the Sacramento Kings on the road. Then they defeated the Boston Celtics at home on Monday.

Always a gamer, Clippers' Chris Paul hopes to play in 82 this season — LA Times
I don't like using the term "jinx," but: "He's come close, playing in 80 games twice with the New Orleans Hornets and in 78 games on two other occasions. He has never played more than 70 games with the Clippers, though he missed only six games during the lockout-shortened 2011-12 season."

Injury gods have smiled on Clippers this season — The Orange County Register
Another on the jinx topic: "If you’re looking for a silver lining in the Clippers’ uneven play this season, you can start by focusing on how no one has suffered a major injury. And if you’re looking for reasons the second half of the season could be even tougher on the team, you can focus on how unlikely it is that that run of good fortune continue."

Doc Rivers says Clippers plan to add two veterans next month —
Doc Rivers will also look to build upon that new spirit and chemistry as the Clippers have two roster openings and may have a third depending on what they do with Jones' 10-day contract. Last season, Rivers was able to sign Glen "Big Baby" Davis and Danny Granger during the buyout seasons, and he expects to sign two veterans again next month. That was a big reason he made the moves that he did to free up the necessary room on a roster that was at the maximum 15 players earlier this month.

As always, I leave you with a question or two: How do you feel about Doc's planned move to go out and get two veterans? And who do you think those two players may be?