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LA-LA-Laugher: Clippers gobsmack Lakers 114-89

Clippers continue their recent dominance over the Lakers. More importantly, we may have witnessed the birth of the greatest gif ever.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was as much fun as one could have while watching a blowout. Not only were you able to witness the worst performance in the career of Kobe Bryant, you also got to see one of the most cringeworthy, yet hilarious, dance sequences ever performed on FSM's green Earth.

But all jokes aside, the Clippers starters just dominated the Lakers tonight. It was the type of blowout that just makes you smile. The Clippers came out red hot in the opening frame and never looked back, save for a brief respite in the 2nd, where the second unit allowed the Lakers to trim the gap to 6.

Matt Barnes was on fire tonight, going 5-10 from behind the arc and holding Kobe Bryant to one of the most pedestrian outings of his career - arguably his worst game as a professional. The only argument against that is the 8 rebounds and 7 assists that accompanied Bryant's 4 points on 2-12 shooting.

Some numerous random thoughts on the game:

-Hawes has zero hops. I mean zero.

-I still don't like Farmar. I think he is a liability and would've preferred we hung onto Jared Cunningham instead of the Middle Earth native.

-Our bench is awful. Garbage time or not, they got punked by a pathetic Lakers squad in the 4th quarter. They also almost coughed up the lead in the 2nd. There are some serious chemistry issues to be addressed before the trade deadline.

-Jamal needs to sit a couple games. He just doesn't look like himself as of late. If not for his trips to the line, he is a complete black hole. He is laughably bad on defense and has atrocious shot selection. Maybe a few days off could do him some good and help him return to form.

-I'm loving Chris Paul's shooting from 3 this season.

-Blake just may be the best-passing big man in the NBA. The majority of passes that go awry are due to the fact that, he is so slick, players aren't even expecting the pass when it comes. Perfect example, his little toss to DJ under the rim that DJ promptly mishandled. The delivery was a thing of beauty.

-Speaking of passing, how about that assist from JJ to Blake??

That is the Blake we all know and love.

-Bit of a scary thing at the end of both the 2nd and 4th quarter, our dear announcer, Ralph Lawler seemed to be slurring his speech rather badly. There was speculation from a stroke to food poisoning. According to Mr. Ohmeohmy, himself, it's all good.

-Both Kobe and Nick Young were scoreless until midway through the 3rd quarter. Yup, that happened.

-I think I am getting a bit greedy. I was legitimately disappointed by the fact that Lawler's Law wans;t invoked in the 3rd quarter. I was also a bit perturbed that the second unit let a chance to beat the Lakers by 50  fall by the wayside.

-The Clippers never trailed in the game. Blake finished 29/9/8/3 in a mere 31 minutes. If only he could do that every night.

-What was with Blake involving the net in his block attempts?

-No blowout is better than a blowout win over the Lakers.