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Lance Stephenson wants to be the 'hype factor'

Lance Stephenson wants to make his presence known with his game and with his heart.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The way that practice has been going for the Clippers, Lance Stephenson hasn't had to learn yet another new style of play, at least not yet. Practice has just been one giant scrimmage with the team and that has put his comfort level at an all time high. Being able to run up and down the court and just easing into himself and the new teammates has really made him feel at home.

He's letting the game come to him and that's the best thing that could possibly happen. Doc calling him the "poster child" for the interchangeable player that he is. Everyone has had something to say about him, all positive. Stephenson credits his team for helping him get to this level of comfort. A little early to say, but we may see the Indiana Pacers version of Lance Stephenson if this keeps up.

He's able to make his presence know at both offense and defense, but the reason he was brought to the Clippers was to help on defense. Doc said he can see the lockdown perimeter defender that this team is in dyer need of. Stephenson compared one of the scrimmages to that of an all-star game due to all the talent on the court. Saying the team is already exciting as is, but he wants to add onto that.

Only time will tell, but it seems to be Stephenson may fit in on this roster. Don't quote me on that, yet.