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New faces, new logo, same ole Clippers?

A quick roundup of any Clippers news you may have missed.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone knows about the new logo, the new players, but are they still the same ole Clippers? Do they have enough talent to make it to the Finals and take home Larry? Doc seems to think they have a chance.

"We’re deep. We’re multi-positional," said Rivers. "That was the goal going into the summer. It’s a good collection of guys. Now we just have to figure it out, figure out how we’re going to use it all."

The players and the staff are both familiar with what they have to take on to make that dream a reality. There are plenty of quotes to be read here.

Wesley Johnson, one of the many new face on the Clippers roster, said he's happy about the new "LA makeover" he's receiving with the Clippers. He wasn't happy with the Lakers and how selfish they were, so he didn't want to stick around. A few comments on what his time was like with the Lakers.

"You would go out there and want to play the right way, but everyone wanted to prove themselves. Nobody really knew what was going on. Nobody ever knew, so it was hard for anyone to come in and get into a good rhythm or flow. Nobody was playing together."

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