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Clippers Visit the Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai

In between their games in China, the Los Angeles Clippers visited the Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai, China. Take a look at some of the pictures on

Feng Li/Getty Images

With the Clippers dealing with some injuries in China, the team took a break from basketball to visit the Jade Buddha Temple. Maybe the peace and calm of the temple will help players such as Chris Paul and Austin Rivers heal just a little faster. Although neither are dealing with serious injuries, it always helps the healing process to take a break from the court.

If the trip to the temple can help the team recover from injuries, while allowing the players a chance to gain some chemistry off the court, then the trip to the temple might just be worth it. With the season quickly approaching, the team is still in search of some chemistry, which has been lacking on the court since the start of the preseason. With 9 new players on the roster, many of the players are still searching for their roll and connections on the team.