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Happy Birthday Paul Pierce and Doc Rivers

Today is not only the birthday of Paul Pierce, but also of the coach, Doc Rivers.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

What a great month for a birthday (I am a little biased, since I celebrate a birthday this month as well). Today, Paul Pierce turned 38, while his coach, Doc Rivers, turned 54, and being that they are in China, they got to celebrate a little earlier than normal, since Shanghai has a 15 hour lead over Los Angeles.

Both the player and the coach agree that the fact that they share a birthday lead to some tension earlier in their careers.

"Maybe it’s just the way we are," Pierce said of their similar traits. "Maybe it’s our signs. We’re both Libras, so Libras kind of clash, I’ve noticed. My mom is a Libra and I used to clash with her a lot. I didn’t really appreciate her until I got older. I think as I got older with Doc, I learned to appreciate him also."

"We’re born on the same day, so I think we’re both the same guy," Rivers said. "By the end of the year, I remember him walking in the office and he says, ‘I’m doing what you want, and you’re right,’ and he bought into it. It helped him, but he didn’t have to do that, because he was already an All-Star. He could’ve clearly said, ‘I’m already an All-Star, I’m not changing.’

As they have grown in age, they have also grown a mutual respect with each other, one that led Pierce to the Clippers in the off season, for 1 more chance at an NBA title.

Happy Birthday Paul and Doc, from Clips Nation!