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Lamar Odom is in Critical Condition and Fighting for His Life

Former Clipper, Lamar Odom, was reportedly found unconscious in a Nevada Brothel and is now hospitalized in critical condition.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Often times, it is easy for fans to forget about players' lives outside of the game.  Many players live the life of luxury, while others experience much more difficult times.  Lamar Odom is a part of the latter group, and frankly, claiming that his life has had "difficult times" is almost an understatement. Odom has experienced the death of many of his closest friends and family (including his son in 2006) all throughout his life, and more recently, he has gone through drug problems (an issue which may have prevented a possible return to the NBA).

Unfortunately, things have become even worse for the former Sixth Man of the Year, as he was reportedly found unconscious in a Nevada Brothel, and is now in critical condition in the hospital.

Words truly can't describe how heartbreaking this news is, especially for a player who began his journey as a Clipper in 1999.  Lamar will always be a part of the Clippers family, and he will certainly be on the minds, hearts, and thoughts of everyone at Clippers Nation.

Update 10/14/15 9:17am pst by Ray Samora

E! News is reporting from a source at Sunrise Hospital that cocaine was found in Odom's system, and that his case is being treated as an "overdose".

A source inside Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas tells us that "drugs were found in his system," and doctors are treating the situation as an "overdose." Lamar remains unconscious and on a ventilator but is still alive. It also appears that the former Los Angeles Lakers player suffered from a "loss of oxygen but also possible stroke."

"So likely there's brain damage, but they're not sure how much," the source adds. "Virtually every drug imaginable was found in his system."

Lamar appears to have suffered an "ischemic stroke," which is caused by a blood clot preventing blood flow to the brain. This type of stroke is often associated with a cocaine overdose, among other drugs. Our source adds that Lamar "had been partying since Friday."

Update 10/14/15 2:13pm pst by Ray Samora

Some news outlets, including TMZ, are reporting that Lamar Odom has a "50/50" chance of survival, with hospital sources saying that 4 of Odom's organs having failed, and the extent of brain damage unknown.

Lamar Odom's survival is right on the line.

Sources at the hospital tell us doctors are now saying Lamar has a 50/50 chance of surviving after enduring multiple medical problems ... the apparent result of complications from drug use.

Our sources say doctors are saying 4 of Lamar's organs, including his kidneys, are failing. As we reported, he's had a series of strokes in the hospital and has heart problems as well.

The doctors are saying with each failing organ the chances of survival go down significantly.

We're also told doctors are having trouble determining the extent of any brain damage because the organ issues make it difficult to test and get an accurate reading on brain function.

Update 10/14/15 3:11pm pst by Ray Samora

Official update on Lamar Odom's condition is expected at 4pm pst news conference, per KTLA:

A news conference was expected about 4 p.m. Pacific Time.

Update 10/14/15 4:06pm pst by Ray Samora

Press release from Nye County Sheriff:

At approximately 3:15 pm on October 13, 2015, a call came into the Nye County Dispatch Center from Richard Hunter, Media Director for Dennis Hof’s Bunny Ranch, requesting an ambulance for an unresponsive male experiencing a medical emergency  at the Love Ranch in Crystal, Nevada, approximately twenty miles north of Pahrump, Nevada in Nye County.

An ambulance from Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue Service arrived at 3:34 pm and the patient, identified as Lamar Odom was stabilized and transported to Desert View Hospital arriving at 4:16 pm.  Nye County Sheriff’s Office Detectives Cory Fowles and Michael Eisenloffel arrived and conducted an investigation on scene.

After being treated by the physicians, arrangements were made to transport him by Mercy Air helicopter. However, Mr. Odom was unable to be transported by air due to his stature. He was immediately transported by Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue Ambulance to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada for further treatment.

Further updates should be directed to Sunrise Hospital or Mr. Odom’s staff.

Sharon A. Wehrly,

Nye County Sheriff

Nye County Sheriff Press Conference

Update 10/14/15 4:15pm pst by Ray Samora

Per 911 tapes that were released, Lamar Odom had taken cocaine on Saturday, 10/10, and had also taken a male enhancement drug "Reload". Reports are that he took ten 1875mg doses over 3 days. His blood samples have not been tested yet, per the sheriff.

From the press conference: Odom was breathing when he arrived at the hospital, and had no incident of cardiac arrest during transport to the hospital.

Update 10/14/15 10:04am pst by Niels Pineda

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">There was some improvement in Odom&#39;s condition last night. But he&#39;s still very much fighting for his life</p>&mdash; Ramona Shelburne (@ramonashelburne) <a href="">October 15, 2015</a></blockquote>

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