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Video: Blake Griffin's one-handed jam off a lob from CP3

Things didn't go according to plan for the Clippers in their two games in China, but at least we were able to watch Blake Griffin dunk.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Not a whole lot went right for the Clippers in their 113-71 defeat at the hands of the Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday in Shanghai, China. They gave up a 36-8 run after the half, and the game was put to bed rather quickly. Fortunately, it's just preseason, so we need not freak out quite yet.

It wasn't all bad for LAC, either. Chris Paul was back in the lineup after missing Saturday's game with a finger injury. He put in a good day of work, finishing with 17 points and six assists in nearly 26 minutes of action. One of the six dimes came on this beautiful lob to his pal, Blake Griffin (Vine courtesy of Friendly Bounce):

Beautiful, indeed. The play didn't seem to be going anywhere until three Hornets curiously closed-in around Paul following Blake's screen. That left Griffin free to just mosey on toward the basket, where he finished CP3's lob impressively with one hand.

The team clearly still has plenty of issues to try and fix before the regular season begins (I'm looking at you, bench), but it's going to be tons of fun to watch CP3 and Blake working their magic again all year long.