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Tips for Enjoying a Clippers Game That Even the Biggest Hater Can Use's Joseph Flynn provides 5 tips to help Clippers haters enjoy watching Clippers games. It's nice to see a national reporter try and take some heat off of one of the most hated teams in the NBA.

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Why do so many people hate the Clippers? Yes, I said hate. The negative attention the Clippers receive from national media and fans is way past the politically correct term "dislike". How is it that the long-suffering Clippers generate so much hate? As a longtime fan, who has been through some of the worst times a fan could ever put themselves through, this is the question I keep asking myself. What did the Clippers ever do to go from a nobody to so much hatred, except win?

In his recent article on, Joseph Flynn was apparently thinking the same thing. He decided to provide America with 5 tips for watching a Clippers game, and how to enjoy the team, instead of hating them.


What you think you see: Three hours of endless Hack-a-DeAndre

What you actually see: A perfect opportunity to relax into a mindful meditative state.

This is an interesting take on the Hack-a-Jordan that so many seem to think is such a boring part of the game. As a Clippers fan, I don't think I could ever get into a meditative state, but maybe if I didn't have so much invested into the game, this could actually work.

Close your eyes, focus on the rhythm of your breathing. Listen to the sounds rise and fall: the ref’s whistle; the chorus of groans; the gong-like clang of Jordan’s wayward try. Picture the whistles and bricks as pebbles tossed into a gentle stream of boos. Now you’re floating leisurely down that stream, without a care in the world.


What you think you see: Chris Paul flopping

What you actually see: The beauty and majesty of traditional Japanese Kabuki theater.

Yes, Chris Paul flops, but so does most of the league. I don't see so much heat from the media when either of the Gasol brothers are throwing their head back, like they just got sucker punched by Mike Tyson. But for some reason, when CP3 does it, it becomes headline news.

CP3 is, above all, a storyteller. His is a tale of a man getting fouled so hard, in fact, you half expect a crime-scene officer to trod onto the court with a box of chalk. Was he actually fouled? Did the magical fox dressed up as Tadanobu actually fight off that many of the shogun’s soldiers? Like all good art, the truth is open to interpretation.


What you think you see: Blake Griffin on a basketball court

What you actually see: Blake Griffin not appearing in another commercial.

What problem do people have with Blake Griffin commercials? They are currently some of the best commercials involving atheletes. Would they rather watch this:

Or this:

Or this:


What you think you see: Reserve center Cole Aldrich

What you actually see: One man's brave struggle to move his body like an ordinary human.

Okay, this one is actually very funny. As Clippers fans will soon see, Aldrich is not the most agile NBA Center around. Hopefully, the only chance we get to witness his struggle is either in a Clippers blowout victory, or the scrimmage at Galen Center on October 21.


What you think you see: Pablo Prigioni, aging foreign point guard

What you actually see: The NBA’s perfect human.

Pablo Prigioni defies age. He plays the point guard position like it is supposed to be played. He can hit big shots. Teammates love him. There is not one negative thing you can say about Prigioni. Go ahead and try, but remember, I warned you.

Check out the entire article here.