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The Clippers and Warriors Share Playful Comments

With all of the trash talk going on between the Top-Dogs of the Pacific, maybe the rivalry actually has some playfulness to it?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It should be obvious by now that the Clippers and Warriors are not the best of friends on and off the court.  While it is apparent that they play with a little extra fire when they go up against each other, it seems that the media has really been adding fuel to the fire in the entire Clippers Warriors rivalry off the court.  There is definitely trash talk between the two teams, but surprise surprise, the media exaggerates the animosity between the two teams.

More recently, both Doc and Klay Thompson had some more playful things to say about each other.  With regards to the entire "Cool Story, Glenn" shirts that Draymond was selling for a limited time, Doc mentioned how he would have love to make some spare cash with Green.

Klay, on the other hand, commented on why he enjoys playing the Clippers, especially during preseason.

Overall, there is absolutely some animosity between the two teams.  You can see it in there eyes and feel it in the atmosphere of the games.  With that being said, the media definitely tries to make any and every comment between the two teams into some sort of insult to the other team, which it definitely is not.