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Clippers Social Media Round-up: Off-Season Recap

This will be the first in the series of columns. I haven't quite figured out what the format will be so bear with me.

Danny La-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a looong summer for Clipper fans after a brutal playoff exit. Given that we were all grasping for post-season excitement, I'm guessing we're all familiar enough with the DeAndre Jordan fiasco and the emojigate that it wrought. So let's hit the highlights of the off-season.

This summer, the Clippers had some big signings.

Here's to new beginnings and a hell of an opportunity #Showtime

A photo posted by Josh Smith (@noigsmoove) on

(Nice hashtag Josh...)

I'd add in something from Wesley Johnson but the only two verified accounts I could find were these guys.

Our beloved Clips went to China for some team-bonding and glad-handing.

China bound #ChickFilAimporting

A photo posted by Josh Smith (@noigsmoove) on

Shanghai loyal fans

A photo posted by Austin Rivers (@austinjrivers) on

JJ Redick felt the wrath of video game designers.

Jamal Crawford hosted his annual Seattle Pro-Am.

He even had a showdown with former Clipper, Baron Davis, when LA's Drew League headed up north.

Blake Griffin released a new commercial for Nike.

Chris Paul went golfing with one of the Clippers cult favorties. #FreeWillie

The Clippers were given a new nickname, which the rookie seemed to enjoy.

You can't understand us because you too soft

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Speaking of the Clippers as superheroes....

DeAndre Jordan threw out the first pitch at an Angels game.

Which led some to wonder...

The Clippers put in some preseason work, which included...

The waiting is almost over, the new season is nigh. So take time with your loved ones, like @ohmeohmy.