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Clips Nation Pre-Season Contributor Survey

Danny La-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, I asked our contributors to answer a short survey making predictions for the upcoming season.  Here are the results of 14 anonymous replies:

1. Who will be the Clippers' MVP this season?

Winner: Blake Griffin, 8 votes

2nd: Chris Paul, 5 votes

3rd: DeAndre Jordan, 1 vote

2. Who will be the breakout player of the year for the Clippers?

Winner: DeAndre Jordan, 4 votes

T-2nd: Austin Rivers, 2 votes

T-2nd: Lance Stephenson, 2 votes

T-2nd: Wesley Johnson, 2 votes

Also receiving votes: J.J. Redick (1), Pablo Prigioni (1)

3. What team will the Clippers have their best regular-season match-ups with?

Winner: Golden State Warriors, 6 votes

2nd: Houston Rockets, 3 votes

3rd: Dallas Mavericks, 2 votes

Also receiving votes: Los Angeles Lakers (1), San Antonio Spurs (1), Oklahoma City Thunder (1)

4. How many regular season games will the Clippers win?

Average: 58.7

Most popular number: 58, 4 votes

All responses, descending order: 69, 60 (3), 59 (2), 58 (4), 57, 56, 55 (2)

5. Will the Clippers make their first Western Conference Finals this season?

Winner: Yes, 12 votes

Loser: No, 2 votes

6. Will the Clippers make their first NBA Finals this season?

Winner: Yes, 8 votes

Loser: No, 6 votes

7. Will the Clippers win their First NBA Championship this season?

Winner: No, 11 votes

Loser: Yes, 3 votes

What do you think about all of these questions?  What are your expectations for the Clippers this season?  Record your responses here so we can reflect on our predictions when the season ends.  After you fill out the survey through that link, let us know what you think of the contributor's opinions in the comments?