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JJ Redick is The Best Clipper at Dropping Dimes.... Off the Court

According to DeAndre Jordan, JJ Redick may be fire on the court, but he also spits fire off the court.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

JJ Redick. The sharpshooting specialist.  The off-ball-movement expert.  The man-crush of many... and the rapper?  Wait, what? We need a double take on that.  Yes, that's right, JJ Redick... THE RAPPER.  According to DeAndre Jordan, while our Point God, Chris Paul, is the best at dropping dimes on the court, the MVP of dropping dimes off the court goes to JJ Redick.

(Source: TMZ)

I won't be getting much sleep anymore, and it's not cause sleep is the cousin of death, but rather, I won't rest until I hear Redick spit a few bars (I'll even give him a beat if need be).  Apparently, dropping an album has been in talks since Redick's Orlando days, but we need to make this happen.  We need to see Redick's fire on AND off the court.  #RedickTheRapper