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WATCH: Blake Griffin Continues Offseason Training with Mixed Martial Arts

Blake Griffin trains with UFC star Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone to improve his balance and positioning through MMA training.

Handball, track and field, and... mixed martial arts.

No, it's not a slow day on SportsCenter, it's Blake Griffin's new offseason training regimen. In the third and final episode of Red Bull's "The Crossover," Blake teams with UFC fighter Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone to learn more about the art of MMA and explore how the sport's skills can transfer to the NBA.

"In basketball, there's a lot of pushing, grabbing and shoving that nobody sees, so I want to find new ways to hold my ground under the basket," says Blake.  "The quicker I can get to a guy's hands before he can get to mine, the quicker I can get him out of the way, get to my spot and then I'm in total control."

Watch below as Cerrone leads Blake through a series of MMA exercises that include, knee-kick maneuvers, pummeling, grappling, hand fighting, and precision elbow hooking:

Opposing forwards beware: if the video is any indication, you might be in for some sharp(er) elbows and discreet kidney punches, courtesy of "Cowboy" disciple Blake Griffin.

(Photos and video courtesy of Red Bull)