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Surprise, Surprise, DeMarcus Cousin Hates The Clippers

In a shocking turn of events, Sacramento Kings Star Player, DeMarcus Cousins, hates the Clippers.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

What is there not to hate about the Clippers if you are DeMarcus Cousins?  In the past couple of seasons, the Clippers have broken his wrist, refused to shake his hand after a win, and taken a cheap, unnecessary foul in the closing moments of the game.  Right?  Wrong.  Those are all things that DeMarcus has done to the Clippers in the past three seasons, and yet, as forgiving as the Clippers were at the time of each event, Cousins never fails to match his immature actions with even more immature responses.  In 2013, after Redick takes a fall from a Boogie push in midair (which later sidelines him for most of the season), Redick attempted to shake his hand, to which DeMarcus blows him off. Again in 2013, after the Clippers beat the Kings, Chris Paul attempts the utterly uncalled for handshake with Isaiah Thomas, to which DeMarcus goes out of his way to prevent Thomas from doing. Most recently, in the final moments of last night's game, DeMarcus takes an unnecessary swipe at Rivers which seems to hurt him.  Instead of being apologetic or anything of the sort, he jaws off to the Clippers as he takes his seat on the bench with his 6th foul.  Afterwards, in his postgame interview when asked about the Clippers, he was brutally honest and said:

"I hate them.  I honestly do, I hate them."


DeMarcus Cousins has all the talent in the world.  He has all of the basketball skills needed to be a top player on a team and a head of a franchise (especially if he is actually the long lost Splash Cousin he claims to be).  Nevertheless, he lacks maturity and leadership, something that the Kings need out of their franchise player.  Hopefully he can figure things out, because he is a phenomenal basketball player, but as of now, there is no indication that he is remotely close to being the leader the Kings need.