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Clippers News: Austin Rivers Threw a Seat Cushion and Injured a Sacramento Kings Fan, is Now Facing Potential League Discipline


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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

During the game last night, you may have seen this tweet:

It was largely ignored in the midst of a hotly contested 4th quarter, after the Kings had already gone on a run to cut into the Clippers' lead. But it was there. James Ham followed up with a few more details:

These reports have been followed up on today as USA Today's Sam Amick reported that the player in question was Austin Rivers, that the incident in question did in fact occur, and that the league is reviewing potential disciplinary action for Rivers.

There's not a lot of details here, but there's a lot of questions, the main one being: "WHY THE HELL DID YOU THROW A SEAT CUSHION IN TO THE CROWD?"

No matter what the severity of this situation is, or whether there was ill intent, it's proving to be a distraction, and it's exactly the type of thing that this team shouldn't be getting into as their mission is to be more focused this year.