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Clippers Corral Mavericks, 104-88

Dallas' plan for revenge went off the rails in the third quarter as the Clippers put away the undermanned Mavs.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks, with a double-take inducing starting lineup that included the voluminous Ray Felton, fourth-year shooting guard John Jenkins and his 1300 career minutes, and Jeremy Evans and his largely forgotten dunk title, kept this one close longer than one could reasonably expect before eventually succumbing and taking their rightful place 16 points behind a superior Clippers squad.

Lots to dissect here, including some feistiness, some intentional foulness, some Mark Cuban cattiness, and some Lance Stephenson griping for the ball-ness.

Blake Griffin submitted entry #2 into his 2015-2016 campaign for MVP, tallying 26/10/2 in 27 minutes. DeAndre Jordan pulled down 15 boards in 26 minutes. Chris Paul couldn't break into double-digits in points or assists, but had a nifty ballhandling highlight that kept Twitter all atwitter.

Justin Russo will be along with the full recap soon.