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NBA, Clippers Unveil New Christmas Day Uniforms

The Association rolls out the Christmas games uniforms.

The Los Angeles Clippers will face the Los Angeles Lakers (as a "road game") this coming Christmas day. Instead of past Christmas day uniforms that had sleeves and highlighted nicknames (or first names) of players, the NBA this year will go with more traditional uniforms, as highlighted by Sports Illustrated. The NBA's approach to designing the uniforms with Adidas was:

This year's uniforms incorporate primary team colors and cream tones, while player names and numbers are showcased in holiday-style script and tailed with woven rows of stitching.

The full Christmas outfit was exemplified by the Chicago Bulls. As you'll notice, all players will wear teal creamed shoes and Christmas themed socks.

The Clippers uniforms will be:

Overall the Clippers' uniform isn't that bad. It is a shame that there will be a lack of any blue (it seems) for the uniform, but it still (in my mind) beats the current Clippers logo and replaces it with a traditional oriented logo that has the team name. The socks and shoes add a nice touch to really push home the Christmas message. These details will really shine when the Clippers start taking off for lobs.  It'll be a fun sight to have Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, and company face off against Kobe Bryant in these uniforms once the holidays come around.

And THANK goodness for no sleeved jerseys.