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Alternative Court Design Anyone?

Why not already start designing a new court?

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday the Milwaukee Bucks presented alternative uniforms for the upcoming season. What made the announcement special was the inclusion of an alternative court design. This is a first for any NBA team and the Los Angeles Clippers should take notice.

Simply put, it's not a breaking news that the new logo/design for the Clippers has not been popular with pretty much anyone. Perhaps the Clippers would be better off just accepting that its redesign did not work out and start looking for an alternative (and hopefully future replacement) design that it can start implementing with as an alternative court. Steve Ballmer can think of it like the development of new Windows operating systems: each new system is a rotation of good and bad: Windows XP was great, but Vista sucked. Vista was thus replaced by an effective Windows 7. Then Windows 8 was underwhelming. Now we're getting Windows 10. Heck, if Steve Ballmer really wants to (make money), I'm pretty sure people wouldn't terribly mind if the Clippers adopted an approach of releasing a new team logo ever other year (just like Microsoft does with Windows operating systems...). Sure, fans may find the variety of new Clippers jerseys a bit overwhelming (and a bit annoying perhaps), but at least fans get options.