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Blake Griffin broke the shot clock in Vancouver with a jam

The shot clock in Vancouver was just enjoying a nice Sunday, excited to be a part of some NBA action. That's when Blake Griffin came along and knocked it down (a peg) to speak.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Hanging on the rim is against the rules in the NBA. Unless you have to hang on in order to keep yourself from landing on someone or landing awkwardly yourself, you'll be assessed a technical foul for doing so. At least, that's the rule. We rarely see it enforced, but it exists, nevertheless. Now, we have another example of why said rule is in place.

Fortunately for one Blake Griffin, you can't be slapped with a T for hanging on the rim before a game actually starts. During warmups prior to tip-off against the Raptors in Vancouver on Sunday night, Griffin rose for a routine (for him, at least) self-oop off the backboard. Just to get loose, you know. That's where the fun times began. Unfortunately, it's been a while since NBA basketball has been played in Vancouver, so their equipment may not have been totally ready for Lob City to come to town. (Vine via Rob Perez):

Yep, just as Mike Smith is making some brilliant, earth-shattering point on the pregame show of a preseason game, you see Griffin in the background destroying the shot clock with a dunk. DeAndre Jordan celebrates with glee.

It may not be quite up to the level of Darryl Dawkins or Shaquille O'Neal, but busting the shot clock is quite the feat, regardless.