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JJ Redick: Clippers are Too Unselfish

The Clippers starting guard gives his opinion on the teams early preseason struggles.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

After the Clippers struggled in Vancouver, dropping preseason game number two to the Toronto Raptors 107-123, starting guard JJ Redick shared his thoughts on the team's early struggles.

So what does Redick mean by guys not being themselves? Apparently, he thinks that the team is being too unselfish, making too many extra passes instead of taking the open shots.

With 9 new members on the team, a rocky start to the preseason was not unexpected. Many of the players are trying to find their spot on the team, and with such depth, many are trying to share the ball with their new teammates. Unfortunately, with the team about to embark on a road trip half way around the world, the team will miss out on some practice opportunities to help the players grow accustomed to each other. Hopefully, the team can gel, and become more selfish in time for the season opener on October 28.