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DeAndre Jordan Buys Pacific Palisades Home for $12.7 million

Maybe the next lock-in will take place in California, and Blake Griffin, Doc Rivers, CP3 and teammates can team with the kids from Bayside High, and once again convince Jordan to sign with the Clippers while munching on an In-n-Out Double Double.

Mike Windle/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that DeAndre has spent some of his new contract money on a new California home in the Pacific Palisades for $12.7 million. That is a nice chunk of change for the Clippers center.

From the Los Angeles Times report:

Found within walking distance of a home owned by teammate Blake Griffin, the Cape Cod-inspired three-story home has 10,500 square feet of living space — slightly more than the size of two basketball courts.

So basiclly, Jordan and Griffin are now neighbors, and will get to see a whole lot more of each other, which might not even be possible, being that they are very close to begin with. On top of that, at the next lock-in, the coach will be able to watch summer league on DJ's new 130-inch screen.

A lower entertainment level is decked out with a home theater with a 130-inch screen, stadium seating and floor-to-ceiling suede panels. There’s also an indoor exercise pool, a gym, an elevator and an office accessed by a hidden bookshelf.

Maybe Zach Morris and Kelly Kapowski will be able to get an invite to their new neighbor's house.