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Josh Smith Hates Everyone (for 48 Minutes)

Josh Smith talks friendship in the NBA and reveals his competitive drive in response to DeMarcus Cousin’s comments about the Clippers.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Smith seems unbothered by DeMarcus Cousins' not-so-subtle proclamation of hatred for the Clippers ("I hate 'em. Honestly I do. I hate 'em"). In fact, now that he's entered his 13th year in the NBA, he seems to think that's exactly how it should be.

When asked about Cousins' comment at Saturday shootaround, J-Smoove said (from Dan Woike, OC Register):

"I feel like an opponent's not supposed to like another opponent. So, I think we should come out and keep giving them reasons not to like us. I feel like this is a competitive game, competitive juices are flowing. Even when you have good friends on other teams, you're supposed to hate them for 48 minutes."

In today's NBA, where friendships between opponents have never been more apparent or more publicized, Smith has no interest in making friends on the court. His comments reveal a competitive spirit that the Clippers would be wise to channel throughout what is sure to be a long, hard-fought season in the West.