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Jamal Crawford to Replace JJ Redick in the Starting Lineup

After leaving last night's game due to back spasms, Redick is being replaced by Jamal Crawford

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

If the complaints for Jamal Crawford weren't plentiful enough, then they certainly will be once Jamal Crawford plays even more minutes with Redick injured.  Though some creative ideas for changing the starting lineup have been brought up, according to Ben Bolch, it seems as though Doc is choosing to replace Redick with Crawford, as he has done in prior seasons.

Maybe this will be for the better.  Maybe Jamal starts putting in more effort on defense and his offense becomes more reliable.  Maybe Doc will finally see his wrongdoings and the obvious weaknesses that Jamal brings to the game...  Or maybe none of that happens.  Maybe Doc continues to stubbornly play Jamal even more minutes regardless of what the situation calls for.  Either way, it seems that this is what Doc is going for now.