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Blake Griffin dribbles by 3 Pistons

Another example of Blake's unique handles

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Although the victory against the Detroit Pistons was not pretty (to put it gently), the Los Angeles Clippers were treated to yet another highlight sequence of ball handling by Blake Griffin.

Here Blake Griffin is stuck in the corner by himself with essentially two Pistons defenders. Yet instead of losing possession of the ball, Blake steadily dribbles the ball and breaks the ankle of one defender and flashes away and past another two.

While he is indeed putting together an MVP-caliber season, with a current career high averages in various categories like points per game, eFG%, and FT%, it's always worth remembering that the explosive Blake Griffin never disappeared. Instead of monstrous dunks that other NBA players can sometimes replicate or emulate, Blake has evolved into a truly uniquely dynamic player with his handles and all-around talent. With Chris Paul and J.J. Redick hobbling with injuries, this indeed is Blake's time to shine.