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JJ Redick Rocking a New Shoulder Tattoo

The Clippers' suave and clean cut sharpshooter sports a new shoulder tattoo on his left arm, which he plans to make a full sleeve.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

While many teams around the league feature players with very prominent tattoos, several of Clippers' key players show off little to no ink.  Chris Paul doesn't have any tattoos (he doesn't even have any ear piercings because Mama Paul wouldn't allow it), Griffin has kept his sculpted gift from the Gods clean from any ink artwork, and Redick only had one (visible) wrist tattoo... until recently.  As reported by Dan Woike, Redick is newly ink'd up on his shoulder, with a tattoo that will eventually become a sleeve tattoo.  Seems to me like he is going for a Messi-er look