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Chris Paul Breaking Gobert's Ankles

Never guard the Point God with a lumbering 7 foot guy.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

While the Clippers came up short against the Utah Jazz, the Clippers continued to get strong performances from Chris Paul and Blake Griffin (and only those two). This time Chris Paul added his own moves to the highlight reels:

Here CP3 drains the step back jumper as Rudy Gobert had no chance to guard the Point God. Now sure, Gobert did point out that he felt Paul had pushed off, but that doesn't really change anything. First, Gobert admitted he was trying to sell the contact. Second, it's hard to imagine that CP3 could not have danced his way from and by Gobert if he so desired.

So even if the Clippers are struggling, the good news is that the key cogs of the team are chugging right along. The Clippers only have to worry about altering the side parts of an otherwise well oiled machine. This contrasts heavily with the Houston Rockets and their dumpster fire of a 5-10 start that has James Harden being a central cause of their struggles.

So watch the clip and keep calm and carry on.