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J.J. Redick on Warriors: "Who Disrespected Them?"

The Clippers’ three-point specialist gives his two cents about all the talk surrounding this year’s Warriors team ahead of Wednesday’s undefeated showdown.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

J.J. Redick's reputation for being a straight shooter clearly isn't confined to the basketball court. When asked about the Warriors and the much-publicized disrespect that they believe they've been subject to, he had this to say (from @DanWoikeSports):

"I don't know who's manufacturing this disrespect. Who disrespected them? They were the champions. They're the best team in basketball ... I didn't see a basketball person that said anything. I saw what Doc said that was taken out of context to infer that they were somehow lucky, which they weren't. Basically what Doc said is they didn't have any bad breaks. That was what he said. It wasn't that they were lucky to win. It's a big, big difference."

He went on to compliment the way they've been playing, but J.J. calls it like he sees it, and in this case, he's spot on. Doc Rivers didn't intend to disrespect the Warriors, but that's how his words were twisted. Whether it's the media pushing this narrative of disrespect or even the Warriors players themselves, it's intensified this budding rivalry and has the Dubs playing like a team that still has plenty to prove.

One thing's for sure: all the talk sets up what is sure to be a high-intensity, back-and-forth battle between the West's two remaining undefeated teams, as the Clippers try to slow down the Warriors. It'll be no easy task, as Steph Curry, averaging 37/5/6 per game, has vaulted himself into the best-player-in-the-world conversation (hi, LeBron) and appears hell-bent on making all those guys who try to guard him look silly.

It looks like we'll just have to wait for Wednesday night to see who takes game one of the season series and emerges atop the Western Conference.