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Blake Griffin: "Clippers Will Be Ready"

It's the night before Basketball Christmas, and fans of all teams could not be more excited for the marquee matchup: The Clippers vs. The Warriors.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

With all of the hype and attention the media has given the Clippers vs. Warriors, basketball fans everywhere are excited for the Pacific Division battle between the Clippers and Warriors.  While it is apparent that the smack talk between the Clippers and Warriors has been overblown by the media, this is still a very big game for both teams.  The Warriors have been killing it; they have blown out all of their opponents.  On the other hand, even with their somewhat inconsistent play, the Clippers are also undefeated.  Steph Curry is playing like the best player in the NBA, but right behind him is none other than Blake Griffin.  When asked about the Warriors, Griffin responded that the Warriors are a "lethal team," but the Clippers are going to be ready.