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Try out Fanvana for Clippers-Warriors tonight

It's an alternative to Twitter in some ways, but Fanvana is a cool fan experience during big time sporting events. Give it a try!

Pumped for the best matchup of the season so far? Well, we have a treat for you!

Named the best sports startup at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, Fanvana creates a real-time space for fans to enjoy and share their favorite sports moments. The locations-based social app helps you discover other fans who have the same team loyalties as well as places to watch games nearby. Wherever you are, discover, connect and follow the game with fans like you.

Through Fanvana's real-time social discovery fan engine, you can have meaningful conversations with intelligent sports fans without having to build a Kim Kardashian-esque following. The app's Game Stream feature, which seamlessly provide curated tweets/live commentary and real-time fan chatter with scores and stats all in one place, is a real game changer. You can also see what's trending around the league before Twitter and Facebook, which can be pretty clutch for fantasy.

Fanvana is available for free on both iOS and Android. So, what are you waiting for? Join the live game chatter for LAC @ GSW on Fanvana now and help grow the Clippers fan community! You can follow me at FlyByKnite on Fanvana if you would like. There are a ton of awesome people on there so give it a whirl.