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Clips Nation Prediction Contest

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

In a day FULL of preparation, it's time to cater to our tenured residents with a nice little contest and a nice little prize.  Here's how it works: predict the following in the comments, and the winner will get a fanpost in their honor from Clips Nation resident unintelligible homer maniac Bui Himself himself.

1. Over/Under: 4.5 Technical Fouls

2. Over/Under 1.5 Flagrant Fouls

3. Over/Under 29.5 Blake Griffin Points

4: Over/Under 34.5 Steph Curry Points

5. Winner: Clippers or Warriors

6: Over/Under 3.5 J.J. Redick threes

7. Over/Under 6.5 Splash Bros threes

8. Over/Under 5.5 DeAndre Jordan and Josh Smith blocks

9. Over/Under 3.5 Paul Pierce FGM in the second half

10. Over/Under 7.5 Jamal Crawford Field Goals Missed

Put your predictions, numbered 1-10 in the comments, and maybe Bui will be showering you with praise soon!