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The Clippers are Ready to Show off... Their New Alternate Jerseys.

It seems nothing can save us from the fashion nightmare that is the Clippers' new jersey... Except maybe our new alternates?

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

The release of the new and (definitely not) improved logo and jerseys was underwhelming to say the least.  In fact, the lackluster re-branding which received overwhelmingly negative feedback even started contests and demands for re-re-branding.  Unfortunately, it seems the Clippers are stuck with their rather unsightly jerseys that have transformed us from LAC to CLA, and our boring new logo which very closely resembles a 2006 NBA Live Logo.

There may still be some hope, however, as the Clippers have yet to show off their new, black alternate jerseys. According to the Clippers' developer team:

"The creative team began with Clippers red and royal, and added black to the palette as a primary color.  Incorporating black injects youthful energy and edge, and evolves the Clippers brand without abandoning the franchise's core color."

(via Today's Fastbreak)

In other words, they thought black looked cool but still wanted to keep some Clippers' colors. According to Dan Woike, the Clippers plan to show off their "youthful and energetic" jerseys against the Houston Rockets this Saturday.