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ClipsNation 24th in Grammar

An analysis of SB Nation NBA blogs puts the Clippers at 24th overall of the NBA blogs. We can do better!

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

In a study done by Grammarly, 100 comments of 50 words or more were collected form each SB Nation blog. These were acquired by taking the first 5 comments of a post until 100 was collected. The comments were then looked at for clear spelling and grammar errors. Slang was not marked down for. The conclusion put  ClipsNation at 5.64 errors per 100 words. The Minnesota Timberwolves site of CanisHoopus came out at an impressive 1.69 errors per 100 words.

NBA fans grammar ranking

To be clear, this was a relatively small sample size that was studied. It's like pointing out that the Clippers are in 26th place for three point percentage. It has only been a handful of games. Furthermore, one must keep in mind various factors that influence the outcome. For example, the amount of foreign fans for each blog have that do not have English as their first language will vary. Likewise, the Clippers can expect Austin Rivers and Jamal Crawford to raise their 3 point percentages above, at least, 20% soon. Chris Paul should also shoot above his current 27.8%. Ultimately, this grammar "study" should't be taken to indicate the intelligence of a blog's members. Instead, it should definitely be an interesting piece of information that drives curiosity further and conversation deeper. And who knows, perhaps it'll inspire us all to be more conscious about our spelling and grammar the next time you post on ClipsNation.