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Blake Griffin shows off dribbling skills

Against the Rockets, Blake Griffin splits some defenders

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

While the Los Angeles Clippers came up short against the Houston Rockets, they continued to provide highlight reel plays. In this case, Blake Griffin specifically continued to show off his growing talent by including some very fancy dribbling skills that would make even guards in the Association proud. In fact, it seems like JJ Redick's reaction was of running back on defense when he saw Blake Griffin enter the group of Rockets defenders.

While the Clippers may not be playing at the peak of their abilities yet, especially with Chris Paul injured, it's always worth reminding oneself that we are blessed to see an athlete like Blake Griffin on the court. He is definitely a once in a generation kind of guy. His transformation from just being an "athletic dunker" to being an all around passer, shooter, and play maker is on full display this year. As demonstrated in this case (and in many others), Blake is especially unique in his ability to handle the ball and spearhead a play in a way that other talented big men like Anthony Davis cannot replicate.