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WATCH: DeAndre Finishes the Lob

The Clippers may have fallen to the Rockets last night, but when Lance served up a lob midway through the third quarter, DJ didn't disappoint with the jam.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Every couple of games, DeAndre Jordan reminds us that he's one of the best athletes we have in the NBA today. Though the Clippers couldn't pull one out against James Harden and the Rockets last night, they weren't shy about providing some highlights and this may have been the best of the bunch. The pass from Lance Stephenson may have been a tad high, but when you have a 7-footer who can jump like that in the middle, it's tough to throw it where he can't catch it. Watch and enjoy:

(Vine courtesy of Justin Russo)

Drake, who was in attendance, put it best when asked about the dunk during a mid-game interview:

"Man, like... superhuman athleticism that was..."

Well said, Drizzy. Well said.