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"Last Two Minutes" report details crucial missed call that hurt the Clippers

The league says goaltending should've been called on Dwight Howard during the late stages of Saturday night's game against the Clippers.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA has been releasing the "Last Two Minutes" officiating report for every game since March of last season. While it obviously has zero impact on the outcome of any game, it's an attempt by the league at providing transparency regarding officiating. The reports give a play-by-play breakdown on the calls made in the final two minutes of every game, including admitting calls that were missed.

The Los Angeles Clippers were denied what should've been an easy goaltending call against Dwight Howard during the latter stages of Saturday night's 109-105 loss to the Houston Rockets. With 17.2 seconds to go, Blake Griffin's shot was slapped off the rim by Howard. Had the call been made, the game would've been tied at 107. The officials subsequently reviewed an out of bounds call, but rules prevented them from reviewing whether Howard goaltended.

The league released the Last Two Minutes report for this game on Sunday afternoon, and they confirmed what we already knew: Goaltending should've been called.

"Howard (HOU) makes contact with the ball while part of it is still in the cylinder above the basket ring. As per the Rule Book, goaltending is only reviewable when there is a call on the floor. Since there was no call, the play is not reviewable."

Following the no-call, Ty Lawson hit a pair of free throws that effectively iced the game for Houston. A loss is always more painful when preventable referee decisions factor into the outcome, but allowing 46 points to James Harden and a 20-20 game to Dwight Howard certainly didn't help the Clipper cause, either.

The Clips will shake it off and take on the Memphis Grizzlies at STAPLES Center Monday night.