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Clippers beat Grizzlies in drunkest game of the year

Think of the ugliest thing you've ever seen. Now think of something ten times worse. This game was ten times worse than that.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

There's not much to say about this game. It was absolutely ugly, from start to finish. The Clippers completely forgot how to basketball but thankfully Memphis played just as horrifically.

J.J. Redick saved the team's ass down the stretch, hitting a monumental three and getting fouled beyond the arc on the following play in the final minute.

Paul Pierce got way too many minutes. Wes Johnson barely got any. Lance still didn't see the floor in the fourth.

End-of-game free throws were drunk. Marc Gasol was fouled up three, seemingly a smart decision. Instead, he hit the first, missed the second, got his own rebound, and got fouled again with a chance to tie in the final seconds. Instead, he missed the potential tying free throw and let Memphis end their road trip in ignominy.

If you didn't watch this game, don't. You'll be happier for it. Go watch the frolicking Timberwolves instead, and remember a time when life was more innocent.