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DeAndre Jordan Ties Wilt Chamberlain's Infamous Record

Though the good old hack-a-DeAndre didn't cost the Clippers a loss, it cleared out a space alongside Wilt the Stilt in the NBA record books for most missed free throw attempts in a game.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Not to be outdone by the Warriors, the Clippers are making sure that they get their names in the record books this season as well. Even if the record is, well, slightly less impressive.

Really, we have Portland Trail Blazers' coach Terry Stotts to thank for last night's record. His stubborn use of the hack-a-whomever strategy, even with the Blazers down 15 in the waning minutes of the game, allowed DeAndre Jordan to put up 34 free throws, which broke both his and the team's regular season high for attempts in a game. What was particularly noteworthy, though, was not the astronomical number of attempts, but the 22 misses that allowed DJ to tie the great Wilt Chamberlain's NBA record for misses from the foul line in a single game.

To put that into perspective, J.J. Redick missed only 20 free throws all of last season. DJ managed to miss more free throws in a single game than J.J. in a WHOLE SEASON. Let that sink in.

The weird thing about DJ's ineptitude from the charity stripe is that his form isn't all that bad. It's certainly not good, but when you think about Shaq, Ben Wallace, or any other notoriously poor foul-shooter, his form is far less awkward. He's even bending his knees more this season, which is a big improvement, although his release point still remains too high. Let's hope he can start to figure it out as the season progresses, but definitely join me in not holding my breath.

Just in case you missed last night's assault on the beautiful game of basketball and those of us who had to be up early for work, courtesy of Terry Stotts and DeAndre Jordan, here's every one of his 22 misses (I counted, don't worry) set to the NBA on NBC throwback theme. Enjoy.