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Ralph Lawler will strangle your mascot

You won't like him when he's angry.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Legendary Clippers broadcaster Ralph Lawler posted this cryptic warning to the San Antonio Spurs' mascot, Coyote, on Twitter today:

The photo serves as evidence of Ralph's previous run-in with the Bulls mascot, Benny, back in Chicago on December 10. You can plainly see the terror in Benny's eyes as he realizes he is no match for the herculean strength and almighty physical perfection of the great Ralph Lawler.

The Clippers, who are mascot-less as of now, have been kicking around the idea of adding a cartoony friend to their repertoire since Steve Ballmer purchased the team. So, to be clear, Ballmer paid $2 bil for a team that didn't even have a mascot. Ripoff! Anyway, they need to add the Fightin' Ralph to the list of mascot suggestions, ASAP.

So, some advice to Coyote as the Clippers take on the Spurs in San Antonio tonight: stay in your lane, and avoid the Wrath of Ralph. He's been having problems with mascots lately.