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Blake Griffin out at least two weeks with torn quad tendon

The Clippers' best player will be out for at least two weeks.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Per Clippers PR, Blake Griffin will miss at least 2 weeks with a left torn quad tendon.  Griffin suffered the injury in last night's Christmas day game vs the Lakers, and the injury was confirmed in an MRI this morning.  After two weeks of planned rest and physical therapy, Griffin will be re-evaluated.

Clips Nation's resident medical expert Shapan Debnath advises: "It will be longer than 2 weeks most likely.  'Then re-evaluate' is usually a worrisome sign, essentially meaning 'we'll see how much it heals'."

In the meantime, the struggling Clippers will be forced to find an alternate source of production for Griffin's 23 points, 9 rebounds, and 5 assists per game.  Griffin has been the Clippers' single best player on the season, but fortunately the recent resurgence of Chris Paul, who had been battling injuries of his own, will help cover for Blake's absence.

Furthermore, this injury throws another twist into Doc Rivers' ever-evolving rotation dilemma, with the need to fill a starting spot and 35 minutes a night at power forward.  The clearest choice on paper is Josh Smith, but Doc recently benched Smith, stripping him of his backup role that consisted of about 16 minutes a night off the bench.  Paul Pierce has played a lot of minutes at the 4 this season, but he's struggled mightily and his aged legs certainly aren't ready to bear the burden of multiple 30+ minute games.  Wes Johnson, who has shot the ball well for the Clippers and seen spots of small-ball 4 time could fit in certain situations, but he'll be punished by true big men.  Cole Aldrich almost certainly can't play alongside DeAndre Jordan, and Branden Dawson almost certainly isn't ready to play.