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Insults at Sporting Events

It's not a sporting event without fans yelling at the opposition

Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

Insults and/or trash talking has long been part of sports. They offer fans (and players) a way to participate in the game in a different way: psychology. While the Blake Griffin-less Clippers were flashing some grit against the Utah Jazz, the fans at the EnergySolutions Arena (in Salt Lake City) were flashing their (lack of an) insult game.

Per Ben Bolch:

While these insults were pretty underwhelming, it makes one wonder what the outer limits are on the opposite extreme. Can fans talk about a player's mom (or family in general)? How much can a player's mom insult Matt Barnes? What about signs or pictures? Or perhaps your ideal strategy is to compliment players instead of insulting them.

What are some of your favorite insults to hurl or display? Are there specific players that you like to insult at games?