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Chris Paul Does His Best Blake Griffin Impression, Throws Dunk Party Against Wizards

In what can only be described as a belated Christmas miracle, CP3 threw down two (relatively) huge dunks that propelled the Clippers to a decisive 108-91 victory over the Wizards.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

With Blake Griffin sidelined for the next couple of weeks, many of us were anticipating a quiet stretch for the Clippers normally dynamic aerial attack. However, it appears as though we may have foolishly overlooked the high-flying Chris Paul.

Wait, what?

That's right, Christopher Emmanuel Paul, our six-foot-tall, not-so-spry, hasn't-dunked-twice-in-a-season-since-2012 point guard was the one providing the show in Washington last night. And what a show it was...

His first dunk came on the fastbreak where he had time to gather and go up strong with two hands. The real drama happens on the landing though, which he sticks then looks immediately to the Clippers bench in anticipation of the standing ovation. The second came just a quarter later as he split two defenders off a DJ screen then came screaming down the lane and powered it home over Kelly Oubre Jr. (to be fair to the rook, this most certainly was not in the scouting report).

Relive the glory below and keep an eye out for some classic bench reactions courtesy of Lance Stephenson and old-man Paul Pierce who appears to be hysterically reaching for Chris like a front-row teenage girl at a Bieber concert. Can you blame him?

Videos courtesy of XimoPietro2 (YouTube).