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Stone Cole Aldrich

Back up Clips Naysh, there's a new back up center in Clipper Town. Stone Cole Aldrich.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The much improved bench has been anchored by the fine play of true back up center Cole Aldrich.  According to the red hot shooting JJ Redick you can't call it a streak until you win four, well it's official the Clippers are on a winning streak!  All time NBA Four Point Play leader Jamal Crawford just nabbed his 44th 4 point play and sat down with Jag for this latest edition of ClipCast.  Weekend Warriors own Dr. Robert Klapper talks about the science behind the Blake injury.  Plus Big Blake and Jamal Crawford share their New Years Resolutions and we check in On the Road with Rowan Kavner.  There's a lot of talk about the improved team play, specifically of the bench and their center stud, Stone Cole Aldrich.Stone_Cole_Aldrich.0.m4a