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The Daily Clipper: DeAndre Goes Beast Mode

The Clippers bounce back and beat the Mavs on the back of Deandre Jordan's 22 and 27 night.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

DeAndre Jordan does a creepy Marshawn Lynch impression, includes his mom in postgame interview -
DeAndre's good at this.

Jordan Sets Career High On The Glass In Dallas | Los Angeles Clippers
"It was a problem – the guy had 27 rebounds," Carlisle said. "He looked like Wilt Chamberlain out there playing in 1963 – really, he did. He played great, and we didn’t have any answers."

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Dallas Mavericks - Recap - February 09, 2015 - ESPN
Jordan, whose previous career high in rebounds was 24 at Minnesota on March 31, 2014, had at least 20 points and 20 rebounds for the second time in a week. He had 22 points and 20 rebounds last Monday at Brooklyn. "It's just not done," Rivers said. "And nobody notices him. It's amazing to me that no one notices DeAndre Jordan."

Blake Griffin's Injury Worsens Critical Flaws in Los Angeles Clippers Roster | Bleacher Report
They were barely hanging onto their championship-contender status with Griffin. The idea that they can even tread water without him feels far-fetched.

Potential Bargain-Basement Options for the Los Angeles Clippers | Bleacher Report
The Los Angeles Clippers need upgrades, but making needle-pushing trades might be out of the question with a depleted roster. Waiting on buyout guys seems like it'll be the Clippers' strategy for a second straight season, even if rolling the dice on other teams' garbage didn't exactly pay off last year.

Natalie Nakase seeks to climb from Clippers' video room to NBA coach - LA Times
Nakase's feisty defiance is one reason those in NBA circles refuse to question her desire to make the same climb from the video room to the head coach's office made by Miami's Erik Spoelstra, Indiana's Frank Vogel and former Lakers Coach Mike Brown.

Clippers season won't unravel while Blake Griffin recovers from elbow injury | FOX Sports
Blake Griffin's elbow injury is a setback for the Clippers, but it won't be a blow to their season.  Doc Rivers, Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan won't allow the Clippers to crumble under the staph infection in Griffin's right elbow.

Chris Paul's formula: How Clippers star involves teammates - NBA -
Paul is a rare bird, though. Few guards in the league can manufacture a shot so easily in a half-court setting, and even fewer can see the floor so fully as to maximize their early-game distribution. That Paul's game exists in almost perfect balance of those axes lends itself to this kind of approach. When you're as good as Paul, sometimes the game really is as simple as deciding what to do when.

Why The Chris Paul Incident May Not Be The Right Time To Cry Foul
Sure, Los Angeles Clippers star Chris Paul crossed the line with one sentence in his criticism of Lauren Holtkamp. But let's face it: Referees and umpires have heard a whole lot worse.