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The Clippers' plans for the All-Star break vs. your plans for the All-Star break

It's that curious time of the NBA season once again, where players treat themselves to lots of R&R and/or live like kings at All-Star Weekend, and fans watch a guy miss dunks for two minutes straight and pretend to enjoy it.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The rules of the dunk contest have mercifully changed from unlimited dunk attempts in a limited amount of time to unlimited time and a limit of three attempts (phew), but what remains unchanged is that we the people are devoid of NBA hoops for an entire week. That is to say that commissioner Adam Silver has extended the All-Star break, taking it from the old weekend-plus-a-couple-days format to a bona fide seven days. That's nice for the players and all, but a little depressing for me.

So while I mope and wait for the action to resume, the Clippers are off in all directions.

Headed to New York are Chris Paul, J.J. Redick, and Spencer Hawes. Paul, who you may have heard of, will be representing the West in the All-Star Game on Sunday, while Redick will show off his skills in the three point contest on Saturday night, and Hawes is in town to attend NBAPA meetings. Hopefully he has a nice pantsuit to go with his bun.

Blake Griffin, who was selected as an All-Star starter, will forego NYC and remain in humdrum Los Angeles while he recovers from elbow surgery (and sets the record for most consecutive Netflix minutes watched).

Hoophead that he is, Jamal Crawford told the LA Times that he plans to go home to Seattle and play some basketball while watching some local college and high school hoops. He told Ben Bolch, "You can learn something from can learn a move that may work, you can learn angles."

After his meeting in New York, Hawes plans to return to Seattle as well, and "sit in the rain." DeAndre Jordan, who has singlehandedly made a mockery of this whole "All-Star" concept this season, is headed home to Houston.

Thankfully, we all have Doc Rivers to identify with. He simply said that his plans for the break were "literally zero." I can get behind that. Wake me up when the season starts again.