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J.J. Redick toes the line in three point shootout

After a slow start, J.J. Redick went on a great streak in the three point contest, but his toe was over the line on several shots, leaving J.J. a bit chagrined.

This one counted -- next one, not so much
This one counted -- next one, not so much
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

After a slow start in the first round of the three point shootout at All Star Saturday yesterday, in which he missed seven of his first 11 shots, J.J. Redick got white hot. Redick went on a streak as good as anyone in this amazing field of shooters, making nine shots in a row and 12 of his final 14.

Unfortunately for Redick it was not good enough to advance out of the first round, for a couple of reasons. First of all, in this amazing field of shooters, even 12 out of 14 would not have been enough to overcome his poor start. And then there's the fact that four of his shots, including one of the two point "money balls" did not count because Redick's toe was on the three point line.

Redick was sanguine about the quite literal faux pas, tweeting about how proud he was of the record he had set:

He's probably right -- I've been watching the three point contest for a long time, and while I'm sure other made threes have been waved off, I cannot in fact remember one -- let alone four.

Redick's official final tally was 17 -- good for seventh place in an eight man field. Had his shoe size been a bit smaller, he would have finished with 22 points -- still one point shy of the necessary total to advance to the three man final that featured Kyrie Irving, Klay Thompson and eventual champion Stephen Curry.