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Power Rankings Watch: The Bottom Didn't Fall Out After All

A week ago, fans of rival teams salivated at the sight of the Clippers dropping like a rock in the standings, losing Blake Griffin to injury amidst a four-game losing streak. What looked like possibly the end for the Clippers was but a pipe nightmare, and the ship seems to be steadied with a pair of wins over center-less teams.

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Power Rankings

Outlet Ranker Ranking Change Comment
SB Nation Drew Garrison 11 0 The All-Star break made DeAndre Jordan's back-to-back 20-point, 20-rebound games a distant memory. They happened, he dominated and he's been cleaning the glass like a man possessed this season. Here's how Jordan stacks up against the rest of the NBA in contested rebounds (when another player is within 3.5 feet of him):

ESPN Marc Stein 9 +1 The Clips' top five players didn't miss a game this season until Blake Griffin went down. Yet it still often seemed like something was missing. Let's see if adversity actually helps these guys, who could well have a couple of new faces on the roster soon. — Arash Markazi
CBS Sports Matt Moore [February 9] Wrote about how they were underrated and getting it together, put them at No. 5 last week. Then they went out and had digestive distress all over the bed, the hotel room, everywhere. I'm out on this team until April. I mean it this time.
Yahoo! Marc Spears 11 0 The Clippers have two roster spots available to accommodate recently bought-out free agents. A small forward and power forward are sorely needed. David Aldridge John Schuhmann 8 +2 Just when it seemed like the Clippers' season was going downhill quickly, they went into the break with wins over the Mavs (on the road) and Rockets, with DeAndre Jordan totaling 46 points and 47 rebounds in the two games. They're still desperate for a bench upgrade, but with no trade assets left, will probably need to get it from the buyout market.
Sports Illustrated Matt Dollinger
Pro Basketball Talk Kurt Helin
USA Today Conglomerate
/r/nba Conglomerate —— —— ——

Metrics Watch

Metric Number Ranking
Win Percentage .648 8th
EWP .723 3rd
Margin of Victory +6.04 3rd
Net Efficiency +6.1 4th
Simple Rating System 6.24 2nd
RPI .543 T-5th
Hollinger Rankings 106.88 2nd
Strength of Schedule .511 5th